The Travel Industry Awaits The Work At Home Parent

As a Work at Home Mother (WAHM), I am constantly on the look out for real jobs that I can do from my house.

While surfing the web one day, I came across a company called Coastal Vacations. I am always more than a little skeptical about such companies, particularly since so many con artists write me all the time!

If I wasn’t being spammed by the Prince of Zaire, who simply wanted to share his millions with me, I was getting hit up by a data entry site that claimed they would hire me, but only after I purchased their “special job list”. Such shady practices are enough to make you wonder if genuine work at home businesses can be found on the net.

Upon examining Coastal Vacations however, I found out that the company was on the up and up.

It was comforting to note that, Coastal Vacations has been around thirteen-years and their vacation packages are real. What was even more interesting was that the packages were not time-shares at all, like I expected. They also have a firm reputation in the travel industry.

If you don’t want a business, but want to take advantage of vacation discounts, then Coastal Vacations packages can be a good place to look. On the flipside, Coastal Vacations offer commissions to members who join and are interested in the business opportunity.

Coastal Vacations is more like a business association that offers wholesale travel packages. They supply them as retail or business opportunities. The three Costal Vacation travel packages range from $1,295 to $11,000. The more you pay, the greater the member benefits.

Another bonus! The business is not set up like a pyramid, networking, or MLM scheme, so you get to make your own money when you become a director. I felt that was pretty decent.

Coastal vacations also have a Call Center, where trained agents handle the selling aspects, cultivating your leads.

Out of everything I found out, that part really stood out to me. I don’t enjoy having telemarketers try to push me into buying a product and certainly wouldn’t want to impose that on someone else. With this set up, only interested people are approached and you don’t have to try to sale them on it at all!

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